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We prepared this list of human cutouts so you can use them in your renders and/or architecture visualizations. These are some websites that you probably didn’t know about. The wow factor is that these websites are more culturally diverse, so this way, when anyone looks at a render, they can feel identified. 
If you have any websites that have free human cutouts please share them with the SIB community! Take a look at our YouTube video on these amazing sites here!

This is such a great and user-friendly website, where you can find African American, colored people that you can use in your renders. Just click and it will automatically download in png format

This website is also user-friendly that has filters at the top, where you can easily filter your search and find your perfect human cutout. This website is also culturally diverse and it has a variety of options to choose from.

This website also has diverse human cutouts, but the great thing about this image is that you can also filter your search by the type of perspective, you can download top view, front view, back view human cutouts.

Unless we are building or doing a project for elderly people, most of the time we don’t include elderly human cutouts in our renders. But we should, I mean, you go outside and you don’t only see kids and young adults. Let’s include more elderly people, plus they are so cute.

This site has cutouts that have a cost, but if you go to the upper right-hand corner, you will see pages, and there you will find free stuff, and you will be able to find free human cutouts in very high resolution that can be used for your foregrounds.

This site works like, you have credits that you can use each day to download, if you run out of them you start paying. You can download them by filtering them by their size, and according to the space, you have left on that day to download.

You are probably familiar with this site, the person who created this site, uploads photos of people he has a relationship with. If you want to download a human cutout from this site, you will also be able to have kind of a relationship with the person because of the description that the creator has included when he took the photo.

If you have a project in Latin America, if you are Latin American, you can come to this website and download free human cutouts, and you can even filter them by countries or regions. You can also include your own cutouts if you are from Latin America.

This site takes into account each person that is being photographed for a human cutout, so if you are not going to use it for a commercial purpose, you can go where it says originals, read the conditions and you can download it for free. But if you are, you will only have the cutout with a filter and the silhouette.

This is like a brother site for Skalgubbar but only for Brasil. So here you can find human cutouts that are contextual for Brasil, the resolution is not that high, but for competitions renders is perfect.

This is a site where you can find human cutouts from India. Not only there are human cutouts, but you can also have these same cutouts that can be used for illustrations .

Did you know any of these sites? Do you have any sites to recommend? Comment down below! Watch the video of these sites below!

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