Hi! As architects photoshop is our second home. And also as architects we sometimes need things done fast and each little command is a life saver. So here are some shortcuts that will improve your PS workflow and help you get finished with your presentations super fast!


I recommend drawing these shortcuts on a post it note and putting it next to your computer, that way you can see them easily!


New file (CTRL+N)

New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N)

Brush Tool (B)

Selection Button (V)

Brush Size (Alt+right click+ drag left or right)

Brush Softness (Alt+right click+ drag up or down)

Lower opacity of a layer (Press numbers on your keyboard ex: 1= 10% opacity etc.)

Lazo Tool (L)

Magic Wand ( W)

Paint Bucket (G)

Crop (C)

Clone Tool (S)

Erase (E)

Change Colors (X)

Default Colors (D)

Fill Background (Alt+Backshift )

Copy selection in another layer (Ctrl J)

Cut selection and make different Layer (Ctrl Shift J )

Create selection on layer (Crtl+Click over box)

Also download this image full of tricks as well!



Watch the rest of our tips in this video!


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