Different from your architecture portfolio, a resume has to be short, very concise and easy to read. I have seen many people overfill their resume with too much information and decoration that is not needed. Here are five simple tips to take into account when designing your architecture resume.

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1.Minimum Fonts

Two fonts is really all you need. When you use a lot of fonts it just gets really messy and the idea is not very clear. So just use one font for the titles and another font for the texts.

Here are some combinations of fonts you can use together.

Font Paring Examples by Hello Nobo 

2. Use minimum Colors (No more than two are recommended)

First start with black and white, and if you think it needs a little more life, then add one color. There are also very minimal color palettes so your resume doesn´t look like a clown. (No offense to our clowns)

Resume example from Pinterest


3. White space is your friend.

You don´t want your resume to look like an old newspaper packed with information everywhere and your employer doesn´t know where to start!You want to have white space so the eyes can rest and it is not so dense. Less is more.

Resume example from Pinterest

4.. Symmetry

This is really important to keep your resume nice and clean. It is just like design, architecture and anything in general. It has to look good! You can´t have texts floating around everywhere, not being aligned. Symmetry the majority of time it works.

Image example from pinterest.

5. What do you want to say?

There are some minimum requirements that everyone needs in their resume. For example:

-Work Experience





-Contact info/ Job References

Resume example from Pinterest


So we have a treat for you! We have a two templates for you to design your resume. A premium template and a free template. By sharing this video with your friends you are keeping us alive!

Free Template Download

Premium Template Download

Here is the video for this article!

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