We all know the struggle right? Wanting that perfect grass texture, but you can´t get it in good resolution, or you just can´t find the right one!


Well, I have gathered up a list of the websites I most use to get textures for when I am doing an image or a diagram or whatever. Keep into account that this is the list I use and there may be many websites left out! So if you have a preferred one, please leave it in the comments so we can all go visit it! I will try to keep this list as updated as possible.

This list is in no particular order:


  1. Textures.com

Textures.com is a website that offers digital pictures of all sorts of materials. They have pictures of fabrics, wood, metal, bricks, plastic, and many more. These images are called textures and can be used for graphic design, visual effects, in computer games and any other situation where you need a nice pattern or background image.

You can download up to 15 images for free every day. If you need more or bigger images, you can purchase a credit pack or a subscription.

This is one of the sites I most use. To download images you have to create an account, you have a 15 credit max limit per day all for free! But you can also pay a premium membership to have access to more images with higher resolution. But for what I use it it works perfectly. High quality images that are really easy to find. They have a nice categorical system that allows for you to find the image you need by being very specific.



2. Gobotree

Gobotree is a great site as well! You can tell it was made by architectural visualizers. As well as the previous one, it has different subscription plans, and a free one as well. There are thousands of images to choose from, ranging from landscapes, facades, buildings at night, sand, skies, you name it! Once you start creating a lot of images you are going to see how helpful this site is.

Gobotree is a source of high quality photographic materials, cut-outs of people and vegetation, skies, backgrounds and reference images – all delivered through unrivalled searching ability.


3. Tony Textures

Or as I also like to call it, Tony´s Place, haha just kidding. A while ago Tony reached out to show me his website and incredible library of textures! He was nice enough to give me some for free, you guys can access them too in his page, you just enter your email address and get a free pack of images for your archviz images. Just for the record, this post is not sponsored by him or anything!

But in general its a great site!


4. Poliigon

This site is one of the more pro of the bunch, it has images that are also greatly mapped. Meaning you can insert them in your 3d model and apply to your buildings or surroundings, and when it renders you will have a great looking material.


5. Google

Ok, so I have always emphasized this in all our videos, but google is a really good source for images. If you have seen any of my videos making renders, the majority of images I download from google. Now, the advantage of these other sites is that you have it very well categorized and in good resolution, but if you know how to use the google search bar you can get pretty good results. Don´t underestimate the power of google!



6. Make Your own library

This is super important! If you are just starting architecture school, you can´t imagine the amount of images you are going to make in your whole career! It is a lot of images! And obviously you are not going to always search for new images! It can get pretty tiring and probably you are going to repeat many images in your renders. So what I personally do is that whenever I go on a road trip, or am just walking through the city, I take pictures of trees, buildings, people, landscapes, etc. Then I put all those images in my personal library, that way I know I will have images no one else has! If you want really high quality images you might want to do this with a professional camera, but I just take them with my iPhone and they end up in a pretty good resolution (4800px most of the times)

Comment below what sites do you use!

Watch the video here:



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  1. I think sketchuptextureclub.com is also a really good site, all textures are free and they have a huge library to pick choose and refuse!

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