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Here we are always trying to discover new programs and softwares the enable us to represent our everyday architectural projects in a more practical, faster and better way.


Recently we discovered Shapespark! It is a software to create real-time web-based visualizations,  compatible with programs like Sketchup, 3d max,  Maya, and many more!

Personally from what I have seen,  I think what makes this program stand out from the rest is its web based visualization capability. You don´t need anything installed on your computer or your cellphone, you can just give your client, or your colleagues a link to a website and that is it!!! You can view your project from anywhere.


Apart from this it also has capacity for virtual reality platforms, and it has a pretty accurate lighting.

Shapespark offers some pricing plans that have different options for all kinds of people and businesses, also if you want to try it out they offer a free 30 day trial. There is a link in the description of the video for those that are interested!

I fiddled around with it a bit and I am going to show you around  so you can how it works nad what the ideal workflow would be.

(The links to these 3d models are displayed in the description of the video/post)

After you install the program in your computer, there will be an extension added automatically to sketchup.

Watch the full tutorial and review in the video down below

My point of view for this program is that it is a great option for people that want to be able to render their projects in real time in a very easy and practical way. They can view it from anywhere without having the program installed. There are some things that need correcting, but I think the guys at shapespark are going to be correcting it very soon.

Things like the user interface, and material options are not quite there yet, but it does look very promising in terms of lighting and image quality. 

In some example scenes from shapespark you can see the quality of the lighting and materials, and the good results that you can get!!

So thats it!!! What did you guys think? Would you try it out or not? Comment down below what are the things that you liked or didnt like! If you want to download shapespark there is a link in the description.






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