Andrew Kovacs, academic and architect presents a series of plans where the collage is the technique used to assemble different elements to create a whole. What is captivating about these images is the dialogue that the objects present, being that you can hardly notice any difference among them. Varnelis selects the elements by their contextual nature, nonetheless this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any clashes and not every piece formed will produce a unit. This work questions how the preexisting forms can generate new forms that excite and activate the observer. Intervening part of the image is the act of remembering places and re-creating new ones that can be framed in new ways of conceiving and creating cities.

Images taken from: Socks Studio


Plan for a 9 Square Grid by Andrew Kovacs
archive-affinities-plans-05-800x800 (1).jpg
Plan for a Building with a Courtyard by Andrew Kovacs


Plan of Two Halves by Andrew Kovacs



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