Many times I’ve talked about how to actually make an illustration but few of them I have told you the thought process behind each image and where the ideas come from.

Now as you know, we all get influenced from somewhere. Either you saw that graphic on Pinterest or Behance or Instagram, but something influenced you graphically. In my case, I had been seeing the same image for years on my Pinterest. It was really crazy, I loved the image and all the images of that same project. I always saw it on Pinterest and in a way it became viral in that platform.

This was the image:


It’s a project by Stefano Boeri Architetti and it was published on Arch Daily. It just turns out that by seeing it so many times I was intrigued by how it was done and what specific things did I need to make one.

My first try right off the bat was horrendous,😖 it was something like this:

My big fail.

After 15 minutes of making the image, I closed the file and started over.😪 I decided to study first and analyze the specific elements that made the other image so successful. And that is when I got the result that I wanted! I have dissected the results and everything into a short 10-minute video if you want to see it:

Video Tutorial

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