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Tropical Illustration Plants Pack

Sometimes part of us being delayed in finishing our projects is searching for the correct background, texture, color, pattern, plants, etc. And to be honest it can be frustrating that we just can’t find it.

It happened to us with the tropical plants, since Show It Better is based in a tropical area, we were having trouble finding the correct vegetation, so we just decided to make our own. 

This pack contains 12 plants, each one with a top view and an elevation view, for a total of 24

Top view and Elevation view

Once you download them, you’ll have a line format and a colored format that are compatible with different graphic software.

These plants are perfect to use for your sections, your site plans, your presentation boards, or overall for your architecture projects as a different representation method.

Research your project’s location, and include the correct vegetation, because who wants to see a pine tree on a beachside house.. lol.

After downloading the pack, besides getting the AI, PNG, CAD, EPS files, you’ll also get a description image of each one of the plants, so this way you can also know why you are using certain plant.

Are you already convinced? Ready to download? Click here to download your Tropical Illustration Plants Pack, and oh, we also have a small gift for you, be part of the 100 people to get 50% off the price by using this discount code TROPICALPLANTS

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