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YAC Riyadh Dream Villas Architecture Competition.

Imagine if we could build our own homes? Even better, if our home location is in a desert? We don’t know about yall, but seriously after the pandemic, we kind of got used to being able to work and do almost everything from the comfort of our home, including participating in architecture competitions. If you want to find out and sign up for any competitions, click here.
YAC has recently opened a new architecture competition. Riyadh Dream Villas.
Riyadh Dream Villas

The cave, the hut, the palace. Throughout history, there have been countless facets of living. Yet, giving shape to human dwellings is always an ongoing task. This is because there is one possible house for each individual and because ultimately the house is the most effective map of our individuality. 

For years, architecture has been leveling out according to standards and functions. Now, in the current society which has been hurt and changed by the pandemic, the concept of living is at the center of the design once again. Having to live in social isolation for a long time aroused new needs, aspirations and necessities, even in the most well-to-do contexts.

The competition

The house, especially the villa, returned to being the ultimate refuge for people owning it. The countryside is preferred to the city. Here, the possibility to isolate is considered more valuable than reachability. 

YAC goes back to Riyadh’s sands with Riyadh Dream Villas. This is the competition aiming at designing two luxury residences situated in the Al Wasil community. 

Luxury, post-pandemic aspirations and breathtaking landscape are just some of the pillars of Riyadh Dream Villas. Such competition will invite architects to write a new chapter of living at the edge of Riyadh’s desert by designing two immeasurably valuable architectural interventions. Moreover, they will give their contribution to the ongoing and constant transformation of the most essential architectural typology: the dwelling. 

Important dates

Early Bird Registration:

  • December 13th, 2021 – January 16th, 2022

Standard Registration

  • January 17th, 2022- February 13th, 2022



Total cash prize: 25.000 €

Jury Panel
  • Sou Fujimoto Architects
  • Miralles Tagliabue EMBT
  • UNStudio
  • Foster + Partners
  • Snøhetta
  • BIG- Bjarke Ingels Group
More information

Are you interested in building your own private villa in the middle of the desert? Click here to register and to download the complete brief of this great competition. 

If you think that you are not prepared enough, you can sign up for one of our courses and start getting better for when more competitions come. Click here to see our available premium courses.

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