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Have you ever stopped to look that your architectural projects are looking the same? And you just try and try and nothing? Could it be that you are using the same trees all over again?

We know, this happens and a lot. Sometimes we are focused on other parts of our projects that we forget some of the most important things; trees. These are some awesome sites that we found with the help from our community to download trees and some of these sites are totally f-r-e-e. Enjoy! 

What is cool about this website, is that you can find all of the trees you want depending on the season you want, also depending on the type of tree you want (if you are a tree-aficionado). And not only that, but the process of downloading is so easy. Just choose your tree, open a new tab, click, and it will automatically download. No need to register.

This site has a quick and easy way to register. After this, you will be able to find your tree. It doesn’t matter if you want a real-life looking tree, or a cartoon tree, a black and white tree, you name it, this site has it and with its quick way of putting filters to finding things easier. Bonus, it also has a PSD format along with the png format. Whaaaat?

Here you will be able to find the tree you want, and also in the view, you need it. Find trees from the top view for those architectural presentations. There is also this feature that when you are going to download a tree, you will find different size options. And check this out, if you want to work with the same color palette this site will give you the color palette of this tree, does it get better than that?

Does it get better than finding free trees? Yes, it does! Finding free trees with lighting. Check out this website, no registration needed, just the good old captcha and you have your free png tree.

Did you know about these sites? Have other recommendations? Comment down below! 

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