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Who wouldn’t like to have energy all of the time? Like, being able to finish all of our projects on time, exercise, study, work, and still be able to party? Unfortunately, this only happens in movies, really. No one, (unless you are a robot) has the complete energy to always be like this. 

There are some days where you just can’t take it or those days where you just keep on going but you are not there, you are zoned out and just doing things by inertia. Has this ever happened to you? Or maybe you have never noticed and you are just trying to do your best.
How can you identify if you are on the way to burnout?
Burnout: Explained

That “under the weather” feeling, or that feeling where you wake up because you have to work or else you would stay in bed all day, without eating, or just with your eyes open not even sure if you are thinking because your mind just has excessive thoughts. Not even coffee is helping you out or sleeping, or you try to sleep but you can’t because your body just feels so tired that you can’t even rest. 

Sometimes burnout can be in your life so deep in, that you are simply doing things without a purpose, and even like this when you are trying to do your best, you still think that you are not doing good enough and that probably you don’t have anything else to offer.

Alongside this, you may be also getting sick, like physically sick and you can’t seem to connect the dots, because this may all be happening and you don’t even notice.

How to identify: If you are on the road to burnout
  • You wake up, and it is already a bad day, you keep going like this every single day. 
  • Thinking about what you have to do overall and you already feel drained
  • No matter if you had all of the coffee in the world and a good night sleep, you still feel worn out.
  • Even if you are organized or have a to do list, you still feel like you did nothing during the whole entire day.
Symptons that come along:
  • Can’t seem to find out where the tiredness comes from.
  • You try to sleep, but your thoughts keep you awake.
  • The things you do are not good enough inside your mind.
  • You lost your impulse towards things.
  • Avoiding conversations with other people.
  • Postponing some work.
  • You’re hungry but don’t even know what to eat.
  • You hope you don’t have to get out of the house.
But what is the starting point of a burnout?

From work

  • You can’t have a voice of opinion.
  • Even if you are doing things right, no one appreciates it.
  • You work under pressure every. single. day.
  • You don’t get treated fairly.

Your lifestyle

  • Not enough time to take care of yourself.
  • You don’t know who to turn to when you feel down. 
  • No one else helps you out with tasks.
  • Forgetting what is the outside world like.

Your personality

  • You think all that you do is not really good. 
  • You need help with things, but you wont let no one help you out. 
  • You think you can manage everything. 
  • You don’t think very highly of yourself.
How to kick burnout in the butt? (how to deal with it 😉)

External people

Get that idea out of your head that others are going to steal your work or take your position. Trust in people, share with your coworkers, stop isolating yourself. Learn to let go of those negative so called friendships. Lean in your family.

Find purpose in your job

Examinate yourself in your work environment and identify what you don’t like. Focus on your purpose, why you are working there. Make work-related relationships as a motivation to being happier at your work place. Take breaks.


Is working 24/7 really a priority in your life? Learn how to rest, how to take breaks, how to say no, how to find what you like, what moves you. Don’t sabotage yourself, close your eyes, sleep, stop staying all night up watching tik tok. Be strict with yourself when it comes to “me time”.

Take care of yourself

You can’t be siting on your computer the whole entire day. Get up, stretch, breathe some fresh air. Avoid turning to alcohol or smoking to reduce burnout, get a snack, eat some nuts, fresh fruits. 

Hey! psst, one last thing:

This is just a reminder that we all go through these same things, even if one doesn’t show it, it does happen. Also! remember that no job is ever good enough to put your mental health, your physical health at risk. So please watch out for these symptoms, take a break, take care of yourself, and come back renovated and we promise you when you come back, you’ll always come back with more energy, more creativeness, more everything! 

This whole article was referenced by the article from HelpGuide; Burnout prevention and treatment. Click here to read.

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