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Have you ever started drawing and dribbling around in your notebook and thought that that would be a good illustration? Well, something similar happened to us, we started drawing with photoshop and made an architecture illustration using only this program.

Take a look at the first part of the video tutorial here and the final part here.

Final Illustration

Start sketching in Photoshop

Since we are going to do the illustration with this circle frame, this is the first thing we started doing.

After having the circle, we are going to start drawing what we would like to insert in this illustration and of course, make a perspective with the help of the circle. All of these drawings were made with the brush tool, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it is only for you to get an idea of where you will be placing everything. 

Start importing textures

Now that we have the sketch of what we want, we started looking for textures and images and placing them accordingly. We got the sky image, and also some grass texture. 

For the grass texture, what you are going to do is use a mask, and with a brush start coloring in the grass where you want it to be. 

Use the brush, to make the grass appear, using the mask option.

We searched for a wood texture and transformed it with the perspective of the illustration. 

Make sure to change the color, the saturation to define the depth of each element in the illustration.

Add a building picture, change the saturation, and play around with the multiply modes. 

We added a rectangle between the building to also help out the perspective of the whole illustration.

For the background buildings we didn’t look up any picture or texture, we just added a rectangle, and applied similar colors. 

To feel the perspective of the image, we made the canvas bigger and started adding some trees. The key in this illustration is to play around with sizes to enhance the perspective correctly. 

We started adding some png people to this illustration (when this video was made we didn’t have as many resources available, so we used to erase the background of each image) Now we have these amazing sites to download png people for all of your projects. 

With these free brushes, start adding people to the main building, also with a soft brush create the trees’ shadow on the building, be subtle. 

It looks like we love grids, haha, we searched for a grid image, used the multiply mode, and played with the opacity, and transformed it accordingly to the perspective of the whole illustration. 

Finally, with a brush, we started erasing some parts of the grids, added the cliché birds, and took out the grass of the circle frame a little bit. 

Final Illustration

Watch the complete two-part tutorial videos below! 

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