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Sometimes we like looking back at our basics videos and tutorials. We have this tutorial that shows how you can try out different ways, colors, ideas, and just get some cool results out of it. 
Here, we tried doing an architectural section in photoshop, if you want to look at the video tutorial, you can see it here, or look at each step below.

Final image


Open your model in SketchUp, align the view and use the section slice tool

We are going to export certain files in PDF, so we can work with them afterwards in photoshop.

Export in PDF, the hidden line mode, Xray mode and normal mode


Import all of the files into photoshop, align them.

Make the canvas size bigger, and add a white background.

Use the lasso tool to make a selection of the ground in the section, use a brush and paint it.

Start painting in with the brush, you can paint with a color, and later on, change it.

In the section, we are going to use the lasso tool to select the floor structure and color it black. This is so it can stand out.

To make the foreground stand out, we are going to use a white low opacity brush and a mask to erase some of the background, this is to give it that fog effect.

Trees always make things interesting, (obviously if you don’t overdo it) Remember we have some free brushes that you can download here. So use the brush to paint in trees accordingly. 

Now, after we have done all of the minor details. We want to show the program layout in our section. So we simply draw a colored rectangle and use the multiply options so it can blend in with the lines pdf.

Keep doing the same, you can choose the color you want, and the multiply mode you need according to the background.

We noticed that after finishing the basic details, we were not that impressed with the final result. So we started trying out different things. (Trust the process, they say)

Pressing ctrl + u in the layer you are standing in, you can colorize anything you want. We started playing around with the color panel to see which one we liked the most.

We added trees but forgot to add people! ops, so we used brushes to do the same process as we did with the trees. 

We were starting to like the result, but some things were not convincing us at all. So we changed the floors in the section to white, we also added a paper texture to the background, to make it look more artistic.

We liked this final one, we added some minor descriptive text.


In the end, we took out the ground we painted at the beginning, and we just left it to have this more clean look. Did you like how it turned out? Anything you would’ve done differently?

Watch the video tutorial below and how we changed multiple times our mind haha (there is nothing wrong with it at all, this is how the creative process goes)

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