Transform a render into a digital collage.

Although any of these techniques is recommended (if used properly), sometimes we want to transform the look of our whole project.

Renders seem to appeal to real-world clients or a more conservative public, but post-digital collage-style renders tend to be the favourite right now in the general architectural public. 

So here is a short tutorial on how to turn your renders into a post-digital collage. 

Also remember that if you want to access the real-time editing video and the Photoshop files, you can join our Patreon Community! 

Do architects need graphic drawing tablets?

For years I never used a tablet, although my workflow was deeply rooted in photoshop and in 3d modeling programs, a mouse and a keyboard was all I needed. Until one day, an architect friend of mine told me he had been using one for more than four years and now he couldn’t live without it. […]

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