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If you are new to the architecture world, and you’re wondering where to study or which university is the best to study architecture, then you are in the correct place. 

If you already studied architecture and would like to do a Master’s degree, then click here to see the different options. 

This data was t:aken from QS World University Rankings This ranking is based on

-Academic reputation

-Employer reputation

-Research citations per paper

-Hindex (a way of measuring the productivity and published work of a scientist or scholar)

These are the best 10 Universities to study Architecture worldwide, ranking in order*

# 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Architecture at MIT has a strong commitment to the urban contexts and challenges of design, from core studios to advanced option studios and design workshops in cities around the world. In addition, the Department offers a post- professional masters degree on Architecture+Urbanism.

4 Years

Massachusetts, USA

96.1 Overall Score

#2 University College London

Architecture offers students a wide and diverse range of experiences so that they can develop an independent, creative, experimental and rigorous approach to design. Students are guided towards discovering their own architectural vision within a vibrant and exciting culture.


London, Bloomsbury

95.9 Overall Score

#3 Delft University of Technology

The field focuses on our changing world around us, and the challenge of adapting our buildings, neighbourhoods and cities to new insights and needs of its residents. As a bachelor student of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at TU Delft, you start designing the world around you from the very first day of your studies.


Delft, Netherlands

93.2 Overall Score

#4 ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

The Department of Architecture [D-ARCH] is a dynamic, technologically experimental research and teaching environment – driven by an engagement in social, ecological and sustainable topics focused on the design of architecture, landscape architecture, cities and their territories.

3 Years

Zürich, Switzerland

92.9 Overall Score

#5 Harvard University

Architecture stands at the intersection of creative imagination, practical realization, and social use. The study of architecture integrates technical and humanistic methods of inquiry with written and visual modes of representation, in traditional classroom venues and “making”-based studios designed especially for this concentration.

4 Years

Massachusetts, USA

89.2 Overall Score

#6 National University of Singapore (NUS)

The fundamental skills of drawing, model-making and representation are complemented by an inspiring and liberal arts-based curriculum comprising architectural history, theory, tectonics as well as systems and technologies, in the first three years of study.

4 Years

Lower Kent Ridge Rd, Singapore

87.4 Overall Score

#7 University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

At the undergraduate level, we offer a four-year program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in architecture. This program offers both a liberal arts oriented and pre-professional education. We also offer several undergraduate minor programs that are available to all majors at UC Berkeley, including minors in sustainable design, social and cultural factors, history of the built environment, and environmental design and urbanism in developing countries.

4 Years

California, USA

87.1 Overall Score

#8 Tsinghua University

The education of architecture at Tsinghua SA is deeply rooted into China’s cause of construction with the goals of advancing the knowledge of architecture and cultivating the professional leaders of architecture. The School’s objectives are:

To formulate well-thought-out development strategies. Currently, they can be concluded into three principles, that is being based on the Sciences of Human Settlements, paying due attention to the requirements of China’s construction and development and the challenges of academic frontiers, and combining education with research and practice. 

4 Years

Beijing, China

85.3 Overall Score

#9 University of Cambridge

At Cambridge we believe that creativity, curiosity and strong intellectual grounding are fundamental aspects of undergraduate architectural education. Our innovative design programme, delivered by tutors working at the cutting edge of contemporary architecture, is balanced by outstanding teaching in the history and philosophy of architecture, contemporary culture and urbanism, as well as construction, structural design and environmental design

3 Years

Cambridge,United Kingdom

84.8 Overall Score

#10 Politecnico di Milano

3 Years

Milan, Italy

84.5 Overall Score

This information was taken from QS Top Universities, click here for the rest of the list. 

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