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GIFs are they only good for Instagram stories or WhatsApp conversations? Well not really, you can use a GIF to explain many things, especially in this digital era, where the majority of the time we are presenting our architecture projects online. 

So why are we still having boring presentations, when we can have a fun GIF to explain something, or just to make that pretty axonometric move. 
How to make a GIF though? WIthout having to burst your eyes out? Stick around for this short and easy tutorial and pimp your presentation! 

Learn how to make a GIF like this one! 

1.  Import or do diagrams

1.1 You can import whatever you want to convert as a GIF to photoshop. In this case, we did some simple diagrams in photoshop that we want to make as a GIF.

1.2 Since we made these diagrams in Photoshop, we are going to merge the layers to avoid confusion, after merging them, it can also work if you name each layer and put a color to it. Right-click and just choose a color. 

2. New document

2.1 Create a new document, you can choose the size you need, and if it doesn’t work, just crop it out with the crop tool. Drag and drop each diagram to the new document. 

3. Timeline

3.1 So where does photoshop have this gif-making feature? Easy! Go to Window > Timeline, you will see after you click, a panel come up at the bottom of the photoshop under your artboard.  

3.2 In the Timeline panel, you will see a small menu, where you can select whether you want a video timeline or a frame animation, select frame animation

3.3 In the Timeline panel, you will see only one frame. 

3.4  Click on the menu on the right top corner of the timeline panel, and choose make frame from layers.

4. Adjust the GIF

4.1 Clicking on the arrow, you can choose the different time you want each frame to last before showing the other frame. 

4.2 You can click on the play button to see if it works for you, and when it is ready so save, just go to File > Export > Save for web

4.3 Before saving, make sure the format is in GIF. You can even play it one more time before saving it. 

Did you like this easy and short tutorial? We also have a YouTube video on it! Watch it below.

What programs do you use to make GIF? 

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