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Random access memory a.k.a RAM,  is used to process information immediately, it is basically your computer’s short-term memory. How does it work? if you want to do something specific the computer’s operating system loads the data from the hard disk into the RAM. 

Why do we need a certain RAM size? It basically depends on the type of work you do on your computer. When you have more RAM the faster your computer will run. 
Luckily some of the architecture software we use, come with some computer requirements that tells us how much RAM do we need depending on the computer.

Now, you may want to start using some of this architecture software to either start studying or just to use them in your work. But what if you already have a computer but the RAM it’s not enough? We found this article that shows you how to change the RAM in your laptop to optimize it and to use the software you want without problems. Read here.

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