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We want to be as perfect as we can in everything when showing our architectural projects, right? From having the right color palette to having the correct image and it being perfect in all senses; perspective, focus, lighting, color. But what to do when you already have an image and you just noticed that its verticals are totally off? First, don’t panic! Second, there is a solution for almost everything.

With these 2 easy and quick steps, you will not regret having done the image the wrong way. 😄

Before correcting verticals
After correcting verticals

1.Manually correct the verticals


Step one: Import the image you want to fix into Photoshop.

Step two: You will see exactly what you want to fix.

Step three: Using grids will help you be more accurate. Click view, then show, then select grid.

Step four: When you have the grids, you’ll be able to see exactly what needs to be fixed. If you don’t want to see the grids, you can use ctrl+H to hide them and using that shortcut to show them again.

Step five: Use shortcut ctrl+T then right click to see the options, in this case you’ll choose perspective.

Step six: After choosing perspective, take each corner to adjust your image according to the grid and your criteria.

2. Use the automatic option to correct verticals

Step one: Import the image you want to fix into Photoshop.

Step two: Go to filter then select Camera raw filter option.

Step three: Click on the transform tool icon.

Step four: Click on the (A) auto icon, you’ll see that the image will automatically straighten out.

Step five: Don’t forget to save changes, click on ok, and you’ll have your verticals fixed, quick and easy.

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