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Sometimes you will see images and think hey how cool this person draws… *suspicious look* lol, but really and you just imagine how neat they made it look. 

The good thing about this tutorial is that it is ok if you don’t know how to draw perfectly, you can still make awesome looking floor plan drawings and in Photoshop (our long time love)   Check out these steps on how to make this section and floor plan hand drawing *wink wink*

1. Make your own hand drawn brushes

1.1 You can find almost everything on the internet, right? But what if there is a way that you can make your own brushes? It is very easy! Just scribble around in your notebook and scan them (or even take a pic 😉 ) and make your own hand-drawn brushes. We made our own, we used pencils and pens and just imported them into photoshop. 

1.2 Import your hand drawing textures into photoshop and make them as brushes. You can use these brushes in every size you want, also change the opacity to make it darker, and even change the angle.

2. Floor plan drawing

2.1 Import your floor plan or section into Photoshop.

2.2 Remember that the key here is the hand-drawn brush. When you press (B) for the brush tool, your brush panel will appear and here you can change the size, the spacing, the opacity as well, this will be important when you start coloring the floor plan with them.  

2.3 When you’re ready to start coloring the floor plan with the brushes, make sure to select the area you want to color with the wand tool (W). In this case, we will not be coloring the walls.

3. Coloring process

3.1 You can even use one single brush to make a hand drawing style floor plan, how you use the brush is what matters. For the base texture, you can use the normal size of the brush and just start coloring.

3.2 To make that depth effect on the floor plan, you can use the same brush but just change the size, if you want it darker you can increase the opacity or you can just color with the same brush in the same spot a lot of times.

3.3 This is just like if you were drawing in your notebook. Take the brush and on the corners make it darker, remember to alternate the size of the brush as well.

4. Section drawing

4.1 We tried to do this same drawing style in a section. Import your section to Photoshop.

4.2 Choose one of the big brushes, in a 10% opacity. Keep in mind the details of the section, in this case, near the walls, the windows, you can increase the opacity. Remember that this is just like if you were drawing in your notebook, and it is going to take time, you will start seeing where it needs more opacity, where it needs for the brush to be bigger, etc. 

4.3 Leave the wall slabs and floor slabs very white, in order to give depth to the section.

In the end, you will see how it came out, if you look up close you can see each “pencil stroke” on this drawing. How awesome is that? 

Final result

Check out the YouTube video tutorial below! 

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