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Scrolling through Instagram feed, watching stories and reels, trying to stop at any time to get working, but it is just not happening. We have all been there when there is no motivation. But we have to get going and working, but how do we get back on track? how do we get motivated again?
Recently you guys asked through our Instagram questions box, and we will like to share some answers and of course some answers from experts as well.
  • Discover what makes you happy

According to Forbes, if you find work that interests you, it will be easier to work and get your things done. It doesn’t necessarily mean to change boss, just ask your jobs to do other tasks, the ones that you are most interested in.

Johnson Wang/Unsplash
  • Learn a new skill

Who says that if you lack motivation at work you have to quit? Instead, try learning a new skill, let your boss know or yourself know that you can do multiple things, and change between different projects until you find THE ONE. (I’m talking about the project haha)

  • Start completing your tasks

We know that sometimes it can be frustrating when you just don’t seem to get anything done, BUT! the sooner you get it done, the better. So, stop leaving those tasks aside, get a coffee break, get back on track, and get them done. 

Luis Villasmil/Unsplash

Create lists

Help yourself by creating lists, be organized, finish each task.

Reward yourself

If you need constant approval, then start rewarding yourself with things like a coffee break, a special meal, a walk to the park,etc

No distractions

Stop taking "small breaks" to go on IG. Focus on yourself, not other people's feed.

Find your goal

Stop doing things because you have to, start looking for your goal. Your motivation 😉

  • Practice self-care

We may love what we do, and it may get us excited once in a while that we just can’t stop, but hey, we do, we have to stop. We have to take a break, take care of ourselves, go for a walk, relax, breathe, laugh, enjoy.

Matheus Ferrero/Unsplash
  • Find external motivators

Here at Show It Better, we love working with music. I mean, it is just our motivation. Of course, we also get motivated because we are doing what we love, and sharing it with you guys. But music, gets you hyped up! 

Bruce Mars/ Unsplash

Some of these tips were taken from: Forbes, click here to read.

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