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We always relate Fridays with good music. This is why we have this amazing tutorial on creating an architecture collage illustration and when this tutorial was done, it was with good background music. 

Anyways haha, if you want to listen to the music while looking at the video tutorial you can see it here or you can also download the PSD file here and follow along the steps below!

Final Architecture Collage Illustration

Get images from Google Earth

We start downloading images from the same place but different views from google earth and saving them into our computer. 

It is also important to save the aerial view of the place. 

Import to Photoshop

After saving the images we are going to have in our architecture collage, we import all of them into photoshop. 

With the lasso tool, we start cutting out the important things we want to make stand out, we did this with all of the images.

In this part of the building, we wanted to add the aerial view of the site as a texture. So we started cutting out the windows with the lasso tool

We weren’t sure if we wanted the aerial view to be shown through the windows or directly as a texture in the building. 

Finally, we just made the windows a solid color, and the aerial view as a texture for the building. Then we proceeded to add the background building, and use the blending options and add some texture to this building. 

Remember these are elements from the same image we downloaded but since we cut out the important ones, those are the ones that we are going to use. For the road and the vehicles, we also used a soft texture that is found in the blending options. 

From the aerial view image, we also cut out the aerial view of the building. 

Using the same blending options mode, we used a texture for this view before placing it in another part of the illustration. 

After adding the aerial view of the building behind the buildings, we added the other cut out of the main building. 

This second part of the building was not the main one, but we didn’t want to cut it out completely, so we decided to add a subtle transparent color to it. 

In this collage having the whole image black and white and with some colors to pop was important. So after adding our textures, we used two main colors. Don’t forget to add some design elements. 

We wanted to give some perspective to the collage illustration, so with a small brush, we drew the accentuating lines. 

Finally, we added some descriptive text and we used the same images we downloaded from google earth to be used as a background with very low transparency.

Final illustration

Check out the video tutorial with nice chill music below and follow along with your own PSD file, get access here.

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