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As architects, we are so caught up on everything, deadlines, projects, group work, our jobs. That we forget the aesthetic in everything. We might not even notice this, but it is something that can help us catch attention. 
Luckily we have so many tools available for this. Like Photoshop, ah! we do love photoshop, and the best thing is that there are tutorials everywhere, and for (almost) everything. 
With these quick steps, you can learn how to use the “Layer mask” option in photoshop for all of your architectural projects so they can have that aesthetic touch.

1. Layer mask to hide text

If you want that effect where the text appears to be part of the main image, layer mask helps you out! 

Step 1: Once you have your image, create a text layer.

Step 2: Standing on the text layer you want to hide, proceed to add the layer mask (white square with a black circle in the middle)

Step 3: Once you are on the layer mask, select the brush tool (B) and the default colors will appear. White is to show, black is to hide. If you don’t see them press (D).

Step 4: Start brushing the parts of the text you want to hide with the black color.

Step 5: If you accidentally hid a part you were not supposed to, select the white color and brush that part to show it again.

Step 6: Do the same process for the parts you want to hide. Remember to select the brush size for those small spots you want to hide or to show. At the end you will have the effect of the text being behind the image.

2. Change the background of an image

Step 1: Import your image to photoshop.

Step 2: Import the image you want to set as your background.

Step 3: Use CTRL + T to resize the image you are going to set as your background.

Step 4: With the magic wand tool (W) select the area of the background.

Step 5: Once you have the selection of the background image, click the layer mask tool to hide the part you don’t want on top of the main image.

Step 6: You can also use the brush tool (B) here to make final touch ups.

What are other things you make with the layer mask option?

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