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Unless you live under a rock, by now everyone knows what is going worldwide with this pandemic sheeeeet. Even our teachers are now struggling on how to mute themselves while being on online class jaja. But what about us? are we sure we are doing the right thing while presenting our projects? or do we think we are doing the right thing but actually everyone is sleeping on the other side of the screen?

These are some tips that you can take into account when having online presentations whether is for your job or school. Take a look at the video we made with the tips here, or read them below! 

Improve your lighting

There is nothing better than having natural light. Don’t put a big light behind you, it will only make your face darker. Also, try to adjust the camera next to a window so you can have natural light. 

Quality sound

It doesn’t matter if you have a high-quality camera, if you don’t have quality sound it is the same as having nothing, no one will stand a complete presentation with bad sound. 

Background colors

Staring at screens all day has its major consequences. Our eyes start to hurt, and there comes this point where we start to squint our eyes. Avoid intense brightness in the background colors you use, so always try to use an off-white or an off-black color. Not the default one. 


Animate animate animate! Hey, we have done some pretty cool and easy tutorials on how to animate with premiere pro and after effects, so what are you waiting for? Don’t let your teacher fall asleep, entertain! 

Visually aesthetic 

Make your presentation visually aesthetic, be as simple as possible. One color for your normal slide, a highlight color, one typographic for titles, and for body text. We know that sometimes we want to overdo it, and just add a bunch of things, but it is not how it works. Less is better. So, set your own rules and apply them.

Short presentations

Design your slide well, go straight to the point. Don’t create sub menus, sub slides for everything, it can get very tiring, and become a loooooong presentation. 

Detailed plans

Adding plans to your presentation is important, but adding a detailed plan to your presentation will also have everyone just looking away. So, just segment the plan and zoom in. So cropping and zooming in on your plans. 


  • Use off-white and off-black
  • Decompose boards
  • Animate
  • Clean aesthetic
  • Zoom in on details

What other tips would you recommend for online presentations? Watch our video below!

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