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Adobe Suite has some pretty good options and different programs that are made for certain things. We know we talk a lot about photoshop and we do use it most of the time, for almost all of our architecture projects. 

So if we have other programs, why do we need to use InDesign? When we can just create our presentation boards on Illustrator, Photoshop, Autocad, even PowerPoint lol. Well, Adobe InDesign was made to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, etc.




When we start using InDesign or any other design program, we like to plan out what we are going to include in our projects. So for the presentation boards, we like to sketch out how the layout will be, we also write down the content of the presentation board.

InDesign Interface

We have some presentation boards that were used for the thesis, and they were made on InDesign. This is the preview mode, where you can see how it will look like. If you want to go back and edit and see the guidelines, the transformation tools of each image or diagram, you can change the screen mode to normal mode.


InDesign works with links, like photoshop with layers. So, when you open the link panel, you will see all of the images, they are numbered, and once you click on each one, you will be able to see the info, size, etc. 

The cool thing is that if you want to edit something, you can right-click, select edit original, and it will take you to take the original, once you have made your changes, save it, it will automatically update on InDesign. Works like the smart object option in photoshop. (see? we don’t stop talking about photoshop haha)

Image Quality

If you are new to InDesign, and you are all excited about creating your presentation board, and all of the sudden you see that the images, diagrams that you are uploading are not in high resolution, wait, don’t panic. This is something InDesign does to avoid lagging when you’re using the program. So, it will just put everything in low resolution while you are finishing. If you want to see the original size, just right-click on the image and select a high-quality display. 

Presentation Boards Course

In this course you will understand and learn how to create a presentation board that can communicate effectively the message of the architecture that is being portrayed.

You will also learn the basic tools of Adobe InDesign to create presentation Boards, how to use typography, what colors to choose in your presentation, what image style to go with when creating boards, main composition components in graphic design, how to tell a story and many more!

Enroll in our premium course today here.


Watch our InDesign introduction video below!

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