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When it comes to designing your portfolio, you have so many things on your plate. From picking out the right font, selecting all of your work to designing the perfect cover. You know what they say, everything comes in through the eyes.


“Aspiring authors, get this through your head. Cover art serves one purpose, and one purpose only, to get potential customers interested long enough to pick up the book to read the back cover blurb. In the internet age that means the thumb nail image needs to be interesting enough to click on. That’s what covers are for.”

Katrin Erthel and Tabea Nixdorff
In Foreign Land, Most of Hou
Masha Knop
Neuneu Woo
Jon Wong
Solmo Park
Ting-An Ho
David Rindlisbacher
Klaus Klemp

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to design the perfect and creative portfolio cover, that we just don’t see that there is no need of trying so hard. These are great examples that show that definitely less is more. Are you more of the minimal side? Did you design your portfolio cover already?

Eat some Cheetos and relax while you’re designing, you never know, something extraordinary may come up. Good luck! 

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