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If you ever feel that you are not creative enough, just sit in front of the computer or with your notebook and just start doing random things, you’ll be amazed at the things that can come out of this process. 
We tried doing something different by combining different perspective views and this illustration came out, watch the video tutorial here.

Final illustration

SketchUp model

Open the 3d model in SketchUp

We are going to save two perspective views, but before that, we are going to create a section. Once you have the place where you will be cutting, click on activate cut.

After setting the two-point perspective in our model, save the scene in both perspectives. This one will be the section view perspective

For the second scene, the plan view has to be in parallel projection. 

Import to Photoshop

After rendering both perspective images in high resolution, import them into photoshop.

After you have both perspectives in Photoshop, cut them if necessary and/or erase any parts you don’t want. In this case for the plan view, we just cut the part so it can fit with the other view

Make sure to align them as close as possible.

Color and texture

We like to work with grouped layers, if this is your thing is ok, if not it’s also ok! Once we’ve grouped the layers, we added a hue/saturation adjustment layer. You can colorize it. 

If you don’t like any of the results you can make your own color palette, we have a tutorial on creating your own color palette here.

We started using our color palette to start colorizing the illustration. We added a different color to where the section is to differentiate the two perspective views.

Since we have the line file of each perspective file, we are going to press w to select the streets, and we are going to create a new layer and colorize it.

In the new layer, we are going to choose blending options, then pattern overlay. You can add your own pattern and/or texture.

We started adding some people on both perspectives. So using the b for brush, we just added them with the correct size. You can download some of our free brushes here.

For the trees, in the plan view, we just used the brush and started adding circles that resemble the top view of trees. For the perspective views, we have some saved trees and we just added them, of course using the color palette.

We also added some crosswalk, we just created like a white rectangle, copy and paste it them.

Using one of the sites to download cads, you can find them here, we downloaded this car and just paste it along the streets.
After adding the minor details to both perspectives, we wanted to add something to the background, so we created a new layer, and added more texture or patterns We loveee textures!

We added the cliché sun by using the circle brush, a texture, and colorizing it. We also added some perspective lines to give more detail to the illustration. 

If you don’t have any cloud brushes, you can for sure make your own! This is a very easy way to make some pretty Simpsons type of clouds haha. Just use a brush tool, create a line and with a circle brush start creating a cloud

Final illustration

How did you like the final result? Have you done anything similar? What else would you’ve added? If you ever try this, tag us on IG. Take a look at the video tutorial below! 

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