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Did someone say free? Yay! just because it is Friday, today we are giving out free brushes and on top of that, we’ll show you an effortless way of making a Photoshop section illustration.

Well, first thing first, click on this link to download our free brushes pack. Of course, some of you may not even use brushes, or just use the ones that come by default in Photoshop, so probably don’t know how to install them. Look at these steps to install our Photoshop brushes. 

Installing brushes

So once you open the link, you will see this, it is free (but if you want to donate, everything is welcomed 😉 ) to get it free, just put the number 0 and the + sign. Click on I want this!

After putting your email address, you will see this page where it will let you download the RAR file. 

Now, when you open Photoshop, you will click on the brush icon, this panel will appear. Click on the 3 line icon in the upper right hand corner where you will see the drop down menu, choose import brushes.

Open the rar file and just simple drag it to the Photoshop window, and voilá. You have the Show It Better brushes. 

If you already had a look at all of the different brushes that the pack has, you will be amazed. In this quick tutorial, we will be using some of those brushes to make a section illustration. 

Photoshop section illustration.

To make this illustration, we just took the lasso tool, and drew a random shape like this one! You can obviously do whatever you want. When on the layer of the selection, just start taking your brushes. 

The selection helps you out with what you want the illustration to be. Make sure, that when you are selecting the brushes, play around with the opacity and size of them, this way you can add some depth and of course some volume to make it look real. 

Speeding up the process a little bit, you will see that this illustration is made out of brushes only. Our pack has brushes of people, bushes, trees, even butterflies and doves. Ambient the illustration however you want. 

At the end, you can add other elements if you like, depending on what you want to represent in your project. In this case, we just used a round brush to make the circle and erased everything left outside, and added a texture! 

Have you done anything like this before with only brushes?

We also have the YouTube video on this quick tutorial with more tips on what you add to your illustration, check it out below! 

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