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There is always a space to learn or to remember some of the basics. So here we have some of the basics of photoshop tips that can really come in handy when you are working on your architectural projects. 

We also have some shortcuts to use in photoshop here, or if photoshop is not really your thing, you can also find REVIT shortcuts here or AutoCAD shortcuts here. I mean, you name it we have it hahaha, and if we don’t have it, leave a comment and we will do it! 

1. Create a new document/file by pressing ctrl + N.


2. Create a new layer by pressing ctrl + shift + alt + n

3. This is not because we are lazy, but it’s because if our project it’s too heavy, and to avoid slowing down, just pressing the letter B on your keyboard will give you the brushes right away. Now if you want to switch and select something, stop! don’t move your mouse all the way to the tool bar, just press V to have the selection.

4. So you are happy using your brushes, and you need to change hardness or size, we got you, photoshop also does haha, so press alt and with your mouse, right click and just drag the mouse left or right to change the size of the brush, or drag it up or down to change the hardness.

5. Make a black and white mask, by adding a new adjustment layer and clicking on black and white.

6. Don’t have time to create your own color palette? Use the Adobe Color Themes extension, find a bunch to choose from.

7. Press C to change the size of your canvas or to crop your image.

8. Pressing L for lasso tool.

9. Color everything faster by pressing G to have the color bucket.

10. Need to clone? press S for stamp clone tool while pressing alt.

11. See how your image would look if you were to print it out. So see the real size of it by pressing ctrl + 1 or ctrl + 0 to make it fit.

12. Press ctrl + r to show the rulers in your canvas, if you want to change the unit, right click on the ruler and select your preference.

We know there are way more tips and tricks to save time when using photoshop! Which one is your favorite? Share it with the Show It Better community! Watch the video below on how we used these tips

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