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Every time we start doing the research for the spotlight of the week, we are always in awe of the amazing work from these artists and we always say “oh no, this one is by far the best one”, but then we come across another amazing artist and we say the same thing haha. Anyways, this is your chance to get inspired by this work and beat them all and be the best!

So we found Brick Visual, a Budapest-based international, high-end architectural visualization company, with a unique and engaging visual style.

“Inspired by art… and fueled by technology”

Essen Innovation Campus – HPP Achitekten

Urban Confluence Silicon Valley – Bioo

Hong Kong University Student Housing – Zaha Hadid Architects

HQ for Viken County -Longva Arkitekter & Asplan Viak

Natural History Museum – Zaha Hadid Architects

“Our visualizations give voice to yet unbuilt architecture.”

Georgsheil Central Clinic – HDR Germany

iCampus Munich -White Arkitekter

Performing Arts Center Shenzhen IV – CAAU in cooperation with Aube

Osuuspankki Mixed-Use Building IV. – JKMM Architects

Courtyard House – Nicholas Solakian

Lagmansgården School – Anttinen Oiva Architects

“We’re Visual Storytellers”

CitizenM Hotel II – Gensler

Log-Driving Museum – Atelier Dalziel

Fram Museum –Transborder Studio

Did you get a chance to close your mouth while observing these amazing renders? If you want to be amazed a little bit more, check out more of their work at their website

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