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We would like to call this section pimp my project because literally a texture what it does it pimps your project, even those minimalist projects need textures. Have fun with these sites, some are completely free and others have free assets. 

How not get excited with all of these amazing free textures?! TextureHaven This site user-friendly site will show you the categories, all you have to do is find the one you want, click on it and it will give you the option to download all different maps so you can open them in your rendering software, and the best part? The size you want! I mean, come on! Make sure you understand the cco copyrights and you’re ready to go. 

This is not a completely free site, but from what you can find I say it’s more than enough. Quixel also gives you this easy to navigate site where you can find the texture you are looking for, just log in and start downloading away! 

No need to register, this site gives you from metal textures, marble textures, wood textures to even fabric textures, what more can you ask for? Easy download all maps in a zip file ready to use in your rendering software. 

Choose your resolution, choose if you want to download all the maps together or separately. Look at the preview of the texture in a sphere, cube, or plain. For the free assets, there is no need to register. This is easy and fast, get your texture and pimp your project right now. 

Is there such a thing as a food texture? Yes! you can find it on this website, with its funny-looking joystick look alike showing the different textures to be used on your architectural projects with your rendering software. No need to register, just click and it will automatically download as a zip file with all of the maps. It doesn’t get easier than that. 

You will see right away on this site all of the free textures available, find the right one with a category, or just simply write what you want and it will find the right one or a similar one. The cool thing? Once you have chosen your texture, it will give you the information on the texture and a button to download, but there is no need to worry to run out of space on your computer! It will download directly to your google drive. Wink wink

You have SketchUp and you found out there is a SketchUp site for textures to use in the program? Is it your lucky day? Must be. Check out this easy to navigate the site, it has a library to find the right texture, just register for free and download up to 15 low and medium resolution textures per day for free. Lost count? This site will let you know how many you have left. Aww, we are already in love! 

Find some free assets to use in your projects, filter them easily and fast. Create a free account, get free credits to download what you need. Run out of credits? Don’t worry, has your back, it will reset the next day to 15 credits. Preview the texture with all the maps and find your ideal size. 

Last but not least important, this site just has us in awe. It may look like a normal site, with textures available, but once you click on it, you have so many options you just can’t wrap your head around it. Easy and fast way, click and download. More specific way, click on edit, omg you will lose your mind, you can actually edit the texture, you can add other texture to your pattern, change the color, change also the pattern, dying right now. Go check it out!

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