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Everything seems fun and easy when you download a cut out of a person to insert it into your renders, but that cutout is in shorts and your render is a project in the woods ¿? hmm, hello? Remember that details are important, being very careful with them may get us that internship, or maybe not even about a job, maybe about getting better each time. 
Ok, so why are we focusing so much on the people in the renders? Your job is to tell a story throughout your projects, and if you are able to tell the story without having any text at all, you’ve nailed it. 
These are some important tips to keep in mind next time you are placing people in your renders. Watch the video tutorial here.


Choose people that are tuned with the activity of the project. In this photograph by Marc Goodwin, he shows the normal activity there would be in an office, you can see the movement.


Image by: Julius Shulman/Getty Research Institute, © J. Paul Getty Trust

The color of clothing is going to play a vital role. In this photograph, our eye goes directly goes to the man in the red shirt. Of course, it also has to do with composition and balance with the red in the column in the background. 


Image by: Ossip van Duivenbode

If the person is too close it would invade the frame and if the person is too far it won’t have the impact we are looking for. In this image, the people are positioned in such a way that it makes our eyes travel gently through the design of the bookshelves.


Image by: Simon Menges

When placing a cutout, we need to make sure that it also plays along with the background, it can’t be a cutout with a 1 pm shadow placed in a morning scene. Also, don’t overdo it with the shadow, make it subtle, and remember a shadow is not a copy of the person.

Are you ready to use all of these tips and start placing correctly your cutouts? Take a look at our video tutorial below to see how we did it!

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