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When we first start studying, we get so nervous, and we try to have every single detail covered, and this just results in us having way too much unnecessary stuff. So, question is, what tools should an architect really need? 


Ok, so a computer is a must. Not only for the architectural software that you would normally use but because you can have almost immediate access (if it’s a laptop) to all of your architectural projects, your research, your notes. 
Also if you have a desktop, you need to make sure that it has the right setup so you won’t have to be suffering if any of the heavy programs you use start acting up. Check out this video on the specs that your computer must-have. 


Ahhhh, it seems that the sketchbook for architects is like the microphone to singers, or the camera to photographers, or the ball to soccer players, etc, you guys get the point right? haha, well, having a sketchbook, always by your side it’s really helpful. I personally can’t say anything about it, to be honest, but what I can tell you, is that in the early years of my brother studying, he would always always draw even if it was on a napkin, for real. So, we were traveling, or maybe in a restaurant, or just sitting at the park waiting for my mom, and he would just start sketching, I remember he would always sketch trees, and basically perspective drawings, so it would have, trees, people and the streets, mountains. I would look at him and be like omg he is just scribbling some dark spot for the people, that looks easy. (it wasn’t) I started giving him as presents a lot of sketchbooks, with different types of paper, and that is how he started collecting them. 


So pens or pencils? Which one do you normally use for your sketches? Pens normally allow your movement on paper to be faster. Pens also work perfectly if you want to highlight something in your sketches. 
Pencils can work if you are not sure of what you are sketching and you have thoughts of erasing it afterward. Pencils can also help you when you want to give your sketches that nice shadow, so pencils allow you to smudge all over your drawings.
Which one do you prefer?


So what about the flexometer? What do architects need to measure anyways? haha jk. Architects would measure anything even if they don’t have any tools, using their feet for reference is just fine, have you ever done that? haha. But why do architects measure though? They would measure how big is the room that they are in, also what can fit into certain spaces of the house. This can help you out when you are putting all of this into your architectural plans, so you can have a more visual idea of the space.


DO NOT CUT ON TOP OF MOM’S DINING TABLE!! haha, I think all architects have a story behind cutting while doing some maquettes. Cutting mat is heavy, and it serves a purpose more than you think, and on top of that, it will last forever.

Which tools are a must for you?

Let’s say you already went through architecture school, and you noticed that maybe you overreacted and bought unnecessary things, so what do architects really use? Share with the Show It Better community and help those who are on the edge of starting to buy architecture tools!

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