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We are back, back again haha. We are back with the oldie but goodies. This is a tutorial that was made a couple of months ago, and we just wanted you guys to see it again and for those who haven’t seen it, to see how easy it is to get this Urban Night Plan. 

So if you want to see the video tutorial, you can click here, or watch below all of the steps. 

Final Urban Night Plan image. 


So we were cruising around Pinterest, and we saw this amazing image done by the office called FABRICations, you can check out their site here.

We found this site that has free cad maps from certain cities from different continents. It is so easy, you just choose the city you want, download the file and then open the file in Autocad. Check out the site here.

Open map

So after opening the file in AutoCAD, we exported different files in pdf, to import them later into photoshop. Here we have the first base file. 

We created a new file and painted the new file with a dark color. 

When we were exporting the different files in AutoCAD, we made sure to name them to be able to identify them. After that, we started importing the files into photoshop and making different arrangements with each one. 

We hid the background layer, to finish importing all of the files and adjusting them

we painted the inside of the terrain file

With the hue/saturation adjustment panel, we adjusted the color of the terrain and we saw that the outline was a color that we liked and went pretty well with the night look we wanted to have. 

We imported the base file, and we saw that it was way too white and it was taking too much attention, so we lowered the opacity of the base file. 

With the water flow file, we imported and it was not white enough haha, so with the adjustments we increased the lightness.

Now here comes the fun part, to make all of these lights glow, to make them look like those images that are taken from outer space. So we duplicated the line files, and in that new layer, we went to filter, added blur, and then chose gaussian blur. 

For some final adjustments, we downloaded a grid image and put it in the background with a really low opacity, and we also started adding the names of the cities. 

We added the main title, and also the information title of the lines in the map.

Final Urban Night Plan

Finally, we wanted the water to look more realistic, so with a grunge brush and low opacity, we started painting around a little darker in the corners.

Download the map of your desired city and try this technique! If you do it, tag us. Did you like this tutorial? Comment down below!

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