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Presentation Board is one of the most effective ways of communicating ideas, and as architects, we have many ideas.  When creating a presentation board, we need to understand where we put certain images, which renders do we put, or even the slightest thing what font and font size should we use. 

The font size depends completely on the size of your boards, but generally these are the font size ranges you should be using:

Main Title font size

The name says it all, the main title is usually what your presentation board will be about, and normally there is only one main title. You can choose in between these font sizes depending on the layout of your board and even on the font. 

Heading font size

Obviously, you are not always going to use the main title for everything, you need to have headings to title each section of your presentation board. You can either highlight your heading with a different font or just adjusting the font size. 

Body font size

In our presentation boards we usually don’t have that much text, but when we do is either to have an introduction, a small description of the project or only to explain certain sketches, graphics, or renders. Be careful though, the font size in this doesn’t mean it is not an important section in your presentation board. 

Font combinations

Yeah, so we got the correct font size, but what about the correct font? Don’t worry! we got your back as always, here are some font combinations you can use in your presentation boards so this way you’re not always stuck with the same one. Look at the different fonts you can alternate to use in your headings and body of your presentation boards.  

1. Helvetica Bold + Ebrima

2. Lato Black + Lato Regular

3. Oswald Bold + Montserrat Light

4. Garamond + Helvetica Neue

5. Roboto Black + Nunito Light

Are you ready to start designing your presentation board? Good luck! 

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