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Sometimes we like doing a little bit of everything, or sometimes we just like focusing on only one thing. So what if there was something that could tell us exactly what we are into when being architects? We saw this book and we were just amazed, this book can give us an orientation on what kind of architects are we. This book by Udo Greinacher, What kind of architect are you? was released this year, 2021, and in the middle of a pandemic it can for sure help you find out if you are in the right path, well, in the path you want to be in as an architect.

“Architecture is commonplace. We inhabit it and use it; it is constantly present; it serves as foreground and background and usually has a story to tell. But apart from its most illustrious makers, we know almost nothing about the people who conceived it: the architects. What Kind of Architect Are You? offers a glimpse into a vast array of professional possibilities and points out meaningful alternatives to the prevailing myth of the “starchitect.” It provides those in search of an architect with insights into how we work and helps them to formulate expectations. It challenges practitioners to think introspectively and examine how they fit into the architectural spectrum. “

What kind of architect are you?

  • art
  • construction
  • competition
  • Landscape
  • urbanism
  • analysis
  • culture
  • education
  • narrative
  • pop culture
  • activism
  • history
  • craft
  • place
  • technology
  • detail

Want to know what kind of architect are you? Get the book here and find out! 

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